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02179 瑞科生物 - B
Listing Date2022/03/31
Listing Price24.800
  • 21.750 -0.750 (-3.333%)    Sink Below Listing Price
  • 15-min delayed, last update: 28/06/2022 14:04
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    12 lot
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Jiangsu Recbio Technology founded in 2012, it is a vaccine company dedicated to the research, development and commercialization of subunit vaccines. It primarily focuses on the R&D of HPV vaccine candidates.

The Group has established a vaccine portfolio consisting of 12 vaccine candidates, including its Core Product, REC603, a recombinant HPV 9-valent vaccine to prevent cervical cancer which is currently under phase III clinical trial.

In addition to REC603, the Group is also developing two recombinant HPV bivalent vaccine candidates, namely REC601 and REC602, targeting HPV 16/18 and HPV 6/11, respectively.

The Group is currently developing two COVID-19 vaccines. It was currently finalizing data analysis and clinical trial report in March 2022.

MarketHong Kong (Main Board)
Business NatureHealth Care
Major Business AreaChina
Board Lot500
No. of Offer Shares30.85M H shares
No. of International Offer Shares27.77M H shares
No. of HK Offer Shares3.09M H shares
Offer Price$24.80
Stock Code2179
Sponsor(s)Morgan Stanley Asia Limited, CMB International Capital Limited, CLSA Capital Markets Limited
Application PeriodMar 21 (Mon) - noon, Mar 24 (Thu)
Price Determination Date--
Result Announcement DateOn or before Mar 30 (Wed)
Result Announcement DateOn or before Mar 30 (Wed)
Dealings in Shares commence onMar 31, 2022. (Thu)
Reallocation of Shares Offered
Times of HK Offer Shares Subscription15X - 50X50X - 100XOver 100X
% of total shares reallocated to HK Offer30%40%50%
Sales Statistics (HKD)
Offer Price$24.80
NAV / share ($)$6.00 (Unaudited pro forma adj NAV / share)
Use Of Proceeds
Assuming the offer price being at HKD 24.8, the net proceeds raised would be HKD 672.40M, of which
47.3% : research and development, manufacturing and commercialization of HPV vaccine pipeline
17.7% : for COVID-19 vaccine candidate ReCOV
21.1% : for remaining vaccine candidates
6.7% : strengthen R&D capabilities
7.2% : working capital

Remark: The above information is referenced from the prospectus.