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ASA Securities was awarded the 2014-2016 "Caring Company Logo"

On May 12, 2016, the "Caring Company" community cooperation exhibition was successfully held in the 5G Exhibition Hall of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. Over 3,300 participants attended the event on the day of the event. Through the event on the day, the business community and the social service community were connected to each other and cooperation was promoted.

ASA Securities Ltd. has always been keen to fulfill its social responsibilities, and encourages business and public institutions to care for the community, employees and the environment, and work together to build an inclusive society.

ASA Securities has been awarded the "Caring Company" logo for three consecutive years and will continue to work hard to promote charity good development, fulfill social corporate responsibilities, and give back to society.

Organizer's service mission and introduction

Promote cooperation between the business community and social partners, promote enterprises to fulfill their social responsibilities, and encourage business and public institutions to care for the community, care for employees and the environment, and work together to build an inclusive society.

• Raise the public's awareness of the practice of corporate social responsibility by business and public institutions, and their contribution to caring society
• Encourage public institutions, business and charities to establish strategic partnerships
• Public recognition of public and business organizations that practice corporate social responsibility

About the organizer
The Hong Kong Council of Social Service currently has more than 400 institutional members, which provide more than 90% of social welfare services to Hong Kong citizens. The HKCSS is committed to establishing a social welfare sector in Hong Kong that is highly accountable, efficient, effective and able to cater for social needs, safeguarding the long-term sustainable development of society and the welfare of the public, and at the same time promoting the business community through the "Caring Company" project Establish partnerships with the social service sector to care for the society. Key tasks include:
• Provide opportunities for cross-sector communication to enable the business community to better grasp the needs of society
• Looking for partners for companies and social service organizations
• Improve citizens’ awareness of corporate citizenship through public education
• Through training and related work, help the business community and social service organizations to enhance the ability of partners to cooperate
• Recognition of partners’ cooperative achievements