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Background information

As China enters the World Trade Organisation (WTO), China has developed a mature socio-economic system. In the recent years, foreign financial companies have started their businesses in Hong Kong because Hong Kong is a special administrative region of China and also a World City. Hong Kong has its own privileges, for example, well-developed legal system and freedom of trade, all these advantages have made Hong Kong being one of the most famous financial centre in the world.

Licenses Information

ASA Securities is a member of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong (Stock Exchange), with brokerage numbers 0878 and 0879, and a participant of the Hong Kong Futures Exchange. ASA Securities is licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (CE number: ASU517).

  • Category 1: Securities Trading
  • Category 2: Futures contract trading
  • Category 4: Advising on securities

Public Register of Licensed Persons and Registered Institutions: https://www.sfc.hk/publicregWeb/searchByName

ASA Securities Limited provides a wide range of financial investment products to cope with market variation as well as to fulfil customers’ needs.

ASA Securities Limited is based in Hong Kong and proud to be one of the participants in Hong Kong’s financial industry. We always prioritise our clients in the first place and compromise to provide excellent service quality. In the coming future, we will strive to be one of the best all-rounded financial service providers in Hong Kong.

As ASA Securities Limited is one of the largest Securities trading companies in Asia Pacific Region, we always do our best to strive for perfection and to cope with customers’ needs.

In order to reach our goals and also to ascertain ASA Securities growth throughout the years, we stand strong to maintain our service quality, and to satisfy our customers. In order to achieve our principles:

  • We prioritise our customers and to understand and satisfy our customers’ needs.
  • Provide a wide range of top quality products and services.
  • Create an efficient online system and website.
  • We can let customers get a better and wider range of service through expanding our company.


With years of experience in the financial industry, Wells Fargo Group is dedicated to providing customers with comprehensive financial products and quality services. We adhere to the customer-oriented philosophy and strive to make Wells Fargo a model for Hong Kong; Wells Fargo has a highly qualified professional team serving Hong Kong market.

Under the leadership of professional management, the Group enjoys an excellent reputation in various businesses and has won the trust of investors. Rich countries are rooted in Hong Kong, backed by mainland China, and faced all over the world. They have always maintained a professional spirit, a customer-oriented attitude, and are determined to adhere to the highest integrity.

The Group has accumulated a wealth of expertise in Asia and established important personal and corporate relationships. The growth of the Group just confirmed its people-oriented and is committed to becoming a dynamic group spirit. Our success depends on a group of experienced senior management staff. We are now becoming stronger and stronger, becoming a leading and comprehensive group in the Asia-Pacific region, customer-oriented, honest and humble, pragmatic and pragmatic, giving back to the society, pursuing excellence, paying attention to details, maintaining openness and innovative thinking.

The Group's business includes:

  • Corporate Finance Advisory
  • Wealth management
  • Estate agent
  • Investment immigration

Our account executives provide comprehensive professional services to clients. We gain customers' trust and recognition by listening, developing and exploring, executing and monitoring performance. The company has a high-quality analysis team and investment consultants, which can provide the best investment recommendations for the needs of investors and risk tolerance.

Social responsibilities

ASA is passionate at charity functions; it is our responsibility to repay the society and to assist the people who need help. We deeply believe in our professionals, services, and mentality to improve our overall performance. We will stay tuned with the rapid economic changes and differentiate our products and services for our valuable clients.

ASA Securities Limited participated in the following Charity events:

  • The Community Chest Walk for Millions
  • Raising money for mainland earthquakes
  • Sponsoring (Tao Te Ching) chant.